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Faculty & Staff Directory

Allen Michelle Theology
Altham Nora Guidance Counselor
Anderson Arthur Mathematics
Anderson Rosemary Social Studies Chairperson
Badhwar Alison Assistant Director of Advancement
Barrette Maryann English
Bickford Meredith English Chairperson
Bower Kendra Mathematics
Brennan Thomas Mathematics
Brennan Karen World Languages
Briant Jacqueline Mathematics Chairperson
Burdick Marion World Languages
Burke Michelle Adjustment Counselor
Burtchell Eric Director of the Shamrock Fund
Cano Maria World Languages
Cayer Lauren Business Manager
Charron Christopher Guidance Counselor
Clark Amy Science
Corcoran Kate Social Studies
Correia Eileen Science Chairperson
Costa David Chaplain
Crossen Brian Science
Cryan Sheila World Languages Chairperson
Curren Jacob Social Studies
Curry Coleen Social Studies
Curtis David Director of Advancement
D'Abrosca Adam World Languages Chairperson
Deady Michael Social Studies
Dean Lisa Donor Database Administrator
Demers Dustin Social Studies
Demers Megan Theology
Doherty Gary Athletic Director
Dolores Amy Mathematics
Dowd Moira Theology
Drobnis Joan World Languages
Edine Jennifer Social Studies
Endler Brian Fine Arts
Esposito-Smith Dawn ARC Learning Specialist; VHS Site Coordinator for Virtual Learning
Fasy James Theology Co-Chairperson
Ferns Lisa Digital Learning Coordinator
Fleury Karen English
Forget Mary Admin. Assistant
Fowler Kimberley Admin. Assistant to VP of Academics
Fuccillo Al Mathematics
Gale Lynn Director of Admissions
Gareau Courtney Theology
Gazzola Louis English
Gazzola Jennifer English
Gomez Kelly Science
Harrison Alden Fine Arts
Horack John Guidance Counselor
Jacovino Nicole English
Johnson Kelly Director of Strategic Communications
Kane Sean Principal
Kates Gerard Mathematics
Keane James Security
Keenan John Social Studies
Kelley Allison Health & Fitness
Kelly Christopher English
Kennedy Anne Vice Principal of Academics
King John Social Studies
Knight Cynthia School Nurse
L'Homme Robert Social Studies & Health Fitness Chairperson
Laliberte Rhonda Director of Guidance
Lavertu Audrey Science
Legg Kathleen Theology
Little Neil World Languages
Loiselle Brenda Fine Arts
Loiselle Glenn Social Studies
Lopez Ana World Languages
Luongo Lisa Admin. Assistant to Principal
Luongo Jo-Ann Mathematics
Lusher Minli World Languages
Maciejewski Susete Admin. Assistant to VP of Student Life/Attendance
Maher Shannon Science
Mandeville Laura World Languages
McGinley Joseph Theology
McKee Pauline English
Means Patricia Admin.Assistant - Guidance Department
Messier Jeffrey Computer Operations
Moore Nicole Guidance Counselor
Moreau Raymond Science
Murphy Darryl Cafeteria
Odenthal Kiersten English
Paulhus Donna-Marie Administrative Assistant to AD
Peixoto Jessica Fine Arts Director
Peixoto Margaret Learning Commons Director
Peixoto Nicholas Mathematics
Perry Ann Science
Powell David English
Price Kathleen Mathematics
Reardon Joseph Grounds Keeper
Reid Timothy Theology Co-Chairperson
Richardson Amelia World Languages
Rinkacs Diane Theology
Rodrigues Douglas Director of Campus Ministry
Ryan Matthew English
Ryder Benjamin Science
Sanford Thomas Mathematics
Santos Richard Maintenance Director
Santos Erica World Languages
Schatz Christian Social Studies
Schmidt Trenna Fine Arts
Seals Sara Fine Arts
Seals Brandon Theology
Shidell Jackie Science
Smith Carrie Mathematics
Smith Stephen Science
Smith Matthew Theology
Souliere Nancy World Languages
Speidel Gregory Mathematics
Stringfellow Robert Science & Athletic Trainer
Sullivan, Jr. Timothy President
Svendsen Al Vice Principal of Student Life
Taylor Joseph Fine Arts
Tyler Linda English
Vogel Nancy Receptionist/Assistant to Admissions
Weidele Renee English
Williams Cheryl Science
Willis Kerrin English
Winter Kevin Social Studies
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