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Our Mission

Bishop Feehan exists to help students know and love the God who made them, and to respond to their Creator with a heart full of love, and a desire to serve God and our neighbor. To accomplish this, Feehan orients each student in the fullness of the Catholic Tradition through studies and service.

Our Program

The Theology curriculum is designed to be in compliance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s recently published curriculum for secondary education in theology.  All students are  required to take and pass eight semesters of Theology.  Each course is sequentially built upon the previous course.  Students must receive a passing grade to each semester course in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.


Semester 1: Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

Semester 2: Who is Jesus Christ?


Semester 1: The Mission of Jesus Christ

Semester 2: The Church


Semester 1: The Sacraments

Semester 2: Catholic Christian Morality


Semester 1: Social Justice

Semester 2: elective courses or continuation of Social Justice Service Internship

Beyond this academic goal, Bishop Feehan also seeks to concurrently build a culture which supports and clearly expresses Gospel values, and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, students are invited to take part in a wide range of Campus Ministry activities, from peer ministry, to service opportunities, to a variety of prayer experiences such as retreats, Eucharistic Adoration, and daily Mass.

Our Approach

Prayer is central to the Bishop Feehan experience and for this reason, each day and class begins with prayer. This commitment to prayer gives weight to the truth that God is the reason why we exist and that without Christ we can do nothing. Faculty and staff are integral in promoting the school’s Catholic identity. Each teacher at Feehan is hired with the understanding that teaching is a vocation and a ministry. We believe that if our teachers have and value an active faith life, they will be better able to help our students develop one.

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