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February 9, 2022 update

Number of Students with a positive COVID-19 Status: 0
Faculty and Staff

Number of Faculty or Staff with a positive COVID-19 Status: 1
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Protocol Updates

February 17, 2022

Dear Feehan Family,

As mentioned last week, we are very pleased to report that we have had a major (night and day) decline in our COVID positivity rates and that we will be following all of the state recommended COVID protocol changes. Please see below for more detail on those changes.

While the news is positive today, we do want to start with the same caveat we’ve used for two years now: we will remain open to following the best guidance, keeping our whole community safe and highly valuing our in-person school experiences. Should circumstances change again, we will adjust as necessary.

We’d also like to re-emphasize the core expectation: if you feel sick, stay home. This has always been a best practice; it’s more of a required practice in these times. 


That said – yes! – we will be mask optional starting on February 28th. That same date also marks the end of test-and-stay and contact tracing.

While we will be mask optional, anyone in our community who would like to wear a mask is encouraged to do so. We know there are a whole variety of reasons why one may choose to mask, and we will actively support and encourage those students and staff members.

We will also keep the ‘Rock gymnasium open for distanced eating for anyone who needs or desires that. As the weather turns (late March), we will bring back at least one tent for outdoor eating.

Please note: the new protocols do require masks and distanced eating during days 6-10 for any community member who returns from a COVID-positive diagnosis.


The state test-and-stay program will no longer be in effect after we return from break. Instead, any and all students and staff members are encouraged to sign up for the optional, free, state-sponsored, at-home testing program. This program provides free rapid tests to anyone desiring those. You will be able to test weekly (more often, if symptomatic). You would only report results if you have a positive.

The sign-up link for that program is here: At-Home Testing Program

Once signed up, you will be able to pick up your supply of test kits at the Welcome Center.

Mrs. Knight will still administer tests to students if they present with symptoms during the school day.

School Day and Mask Breaks

For the immediate future (February 28th week at least) we will maintain our current bell schedule and extended passing periods. We would like to get a feel for how many students and staff are wearing masks before adjusting (or not) the mask breaks.

We will be in touch ASAP if the bell schedule will change.


Mr. Svendsen’s office will be assigning lockers this week for student use. Most students will have a locker partner. Students are advised (especially if we do wind up with our traditional, shorter passing periods) to plan locker visits carefully, allowing enough time to get to classes on time.


The mask requirement for athletes at Feehan practices and home games also becomes optional on February 28th. Our athletes, coaches and fans will need to heed any and all mask requirements of our hosts at away games, pools or the like.

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For general questions regarding Feehan's COVID-19 policies or status, please contact Feehan president Tim Sullivan at [email protected].
For questions or concerns specific to your child's COVID status or symptoms or return to school, please contact school nurse Cindy Knight at [email protected] or 508-226-6223 x117.