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January 4, 2022 update
We are in the midst of a significant Omicron surge at Feehan, making it difficult to even keep exact numbers accurate.
We will work to getting back to more exact and frequent update as pace allows.

Number of Students with a positive COVID-19 Status (rough): 85
Faculty and Staff

Number of Faculty or Staff with a positive COVID-19 Status: 3
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Protocol Updates

January 5, 2022


With so many cases popping up, we determined it would be easier to send this protocol to all than to have Mrs. Knight emailing it individually throughout each day.


Please keep this in your email file for reference in case needed.  This protocol does occasionally change, but this is current for the time being.


If your student has been diagnosed Covid+ or gets diagnosed Covid+ in next few weeks:

1. Isolation:  Under the newest guidelines, we have been directed to tell anyone who has tested positive (regardless of vaccination status) that positive COVID cases must isolate for 5 full days from either: a) the day they tested positive (the day the test was collected would be considered day 0), or b) for 5 days from the onset of symptoms (again, first day of symptoms would be day 0).

2. Return: After the 5 day quarantine, if symptoms are resolving, the student may return to normal activities on day 6. But they must wear a mask at all times (except when eating or drinking) and practice enhanced distancing for at least 5 more days.  For a student that returns to school on day 6, we will expect that student to eat lunch only in the 'Rock gymnasium for days 6-10. The 'Rock has been set up with 6-foot distancing and extra air filtration.

If the positive person still has symptoms after isolating for 5 full days, then he/she must stay home until they feel better. The 5 full days of strict mask-wearing and lunch in the 'Rock will start upon the return to school.

3. Accessing Zoom classes: Mrs. Kennedy, our Vice Principal for Academics, will reach out within roughly 24 (weekday) hours of Feehan learning of the positive diagnosis. Her email will include instructions on accessing classrooms via Zoom, and each of a student’s teachers will be informed of the Zoom access, as well.  Please know that positive students most often have at least one day of "home sick" (no Zoom) time regardless of symptoms or no symptoms, while the Zoom access is being set up.


Reminder to reach out via email to Mrs. Knight ( when you learn of a Covid+ diagnosis.

January 5, 2022


We remain at a significantly elevated COVID+ level at school at this time. Yesterday, we were at over 70 positive cases, and today we are over 85. 


As mentioned, we continue to monitor all policies and procedures in order to keep the community healthy and (hopefully) in-school as much as possible. We have heard concerns about zoom access and mid-term exams. We don’t have any updates or changes on those items today, but do want you to know that we are aware of the challenges.


We do have important news regarding our test-and-stay program, which is a state-funded and state-regulated program that applies to unvaccinated, in-school close contacts:

  • While we remain in this surge (until further notice), we will only be testing in the mornings between 7AM and 8AM. Students requiring test-and-stay testing should report to the ‘Rock gymnasium as early as possible in order to be on time for homeroom.
  • Related to this, unvaccinated students who are identified as close contacts during the school day will need to go home. We will not be testing during the school day.
  • If a student who requires and is scheduled for test-and-stay testing does not appear for morning testing but instead goes to class, that student will be sent home from school that day with an unexcused absence.


Our test-and-stay volume has gone from roughly 5-10 tests per day to closer to 60 tests per day. The above changes are necessary to get us through this surge.


One final test-and-stay reminder. In order to be tested by Feehan, an unvaccinated student needs to have permission on file through the state system. We have requested this no fewer than half a dozen times. We need to have this permission on file in advance. The link is here:


Students without this permission on file are likely to miss multiple days of school until/if we can catch up with the reporting system.

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For general questions regarding Feehan's COVID-19 policies or status, please contact Feehan president Tim Sullivan at
For questions or concerns specific to your child's COVID status or symptoms or return to school, please contact school nurse Cindy Knight at or 508-226-6223 x117.