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Our Catholic Identity

The Catholic school participates in the evangelizing mission of the Church and is the privileged environment in which Christian education is carried out. In this way "Catholic schools are at once places of evangelization, of complete formation, of inculturation, of apprenticeship in a lively dialogue between young people of different religions and social backgrounds" (The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, Congregation for Catholic Education, 1997, 11).

"Sanctity," or "holiness," is one of the core characteristics of formation at Bishop Feehan High School, along with Scholarship and Sportsmanship, and steeped in our identity as a Roman Catholic institution.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1961, Bishop Feehan High School prepares young men and women to lead lives of commitment to the person and message of Jesus Christ and His Church. It seeks to build a culture which supports and clearly expresses Gospel values, and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. To be Catholic is to understand in a very profound way that we encounter God through each other, through the Sacraments, through Scripture, through prayer, through created reality and through the ordinary experiences of daily living.

At the core of Catholic experience is the affirmation of the dignity of each human person. This affirmation permeates the school: each person is made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, we strive in all our decisions to treat each other with compassion, justice, and love. The "Feehan Family" is a lived reality, a genuine circle of caring and concern for each other. To this end, Feehan is a school dedicated to reaching out to those in need. Service at Feehan is not only a graduation requirement; it is a commitment that begins here and, hopefully, will continue on for a lifetime.

Feehan immerses its students into the fullness of the Catholic faith through two venues: Theological Studies and Campus Ministry.

Theological Studies

The program of Theological Studies, in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Diocese of Fall River, helps students to critically reflect upon the Catholic faith. The Department of Theology is comprised of ten full time teachers who hold a graduate or doctoral degree in theology or related areas. Each student is required to take and pass eight semesters of Theology; each course is sequentially built upon the previous course.

Campus Ministry

Complementary to Theological Studies, Campus Ministry helps prepare the members of the Feehan community to lead lives of commitment to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Campus Ministry serves the entire Feehan Family: students, faculty, staff, families and alumni. It is a shared mission among all the diverse members of the community to bring the ideals and values of the Gospel to bear upon school life and the greater community, and its objectives are four-fold:

  • To provide a pastoral presence to the community;
  • To form the community through liturgy and retreats;
  • To promote justice through service, while coordinating the school's Graduation Service Requirement; and,
  • To develop leaders through training opportunities and experiential learning.

Click here to read more about the Mission of Bishop Feehan High School.

Campus Ministry

“The primary focus of Campus Ministry is to prepare men and women to lead lives of commitment to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and to infuse love of Christ through discipleship.”

Located on the second floor of the academic building, adjacent to the Main Office, the Campus Ministry Office serves as the base for directing and coordinating all of the Feehan community’s campus ministry efforts.

The Campus Ministry Office is a “Safe Zone” for all the members of the community.  All are welcome, no matter one's background, culture or system of beliefs.  Hospitality takes prime of place, reflecting the character of welcoming, inclusivity and unity found in the Triune God.

Staff and Responsibilities

Bishop Feehan recognizes that in many different ways, all members of the community serve as “campus ministers.”  Each one of us brings different talents and charisms to serve one another and lead others to encounter Christ. That being said, the Office of Campus Ministry is staffed by a full-time Director of Campus Ministry, a part-time Chaplain and a part-time Associate who also serve as members of the Department of Theology.

Taking its lead from the objectives of Campus Ministry, the Staff is responsible for:

  • Providing care and prayerful support to community members, especially though times of challenge, stress, illness and loss;
  • Coordinating and planning various school-wide and other Masses and Prayer Services;
  • Organizing and facilitating the fourClass Retreats, the Faculty Retreat, and other spiritual formation opportunities for the community; providing support for the ECHO Retreat;
  • Overseeing thService Graduation Requirement, as well as other service prospects;
  • Providing opportunities for leadership training and development for the community;
  • Coordinating different ministries which meet on a weekly basis.

External Links

ECHO Retreat Website

Campus Ministry Staff

Director: Mr. Douglas M. Rodrigues

Chaplain: Rev. David A. Costa

Associate Director: Mrs. Moira Dowd


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