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Liturgy and Retreats

"Prayer is sown in the heart of every Christian, but its growth entirely depends on the care we take to nourish it."

Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Religious Sisters of Mercy


The Church recognizes that the Eucharist is the "source and summit" of our faith lives.  

  • The Feehan community gathers to celebrate Mass nearly every month during the Academic Year, beginning with the Mercy Day Liturgy in September and ending with the Closing Liturgy in June.
  • Students, faculty and staff participate as Servers, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Music Leaders.  
  • Different community-wide prayer services are also offered for various occasions, such as the Lenten Reconciliation Service.


Defined times spent away from one's normal life for the purpose of reconnecting with God, retreats can be powerful ways in which God is made manifest through prayer and worship, talks, activities and the community.

  • Two mandatory day retreats for students: Freshman Retreat (early in the Fall Semester), and the Senior Retreat during the Spring Semester.  Retreat days may also be offered during alternate years for the Sophomore and Junior classes.
  • A weekend retreat for Seniors, ECHO of Bishop Feehan, is offered twice during the Academic Year, usually in November and March, as an option.  
  • Faculty and staff also attend their own retreat day annually, usually during the Spring Semester.

External Links

ECHO Retreat Website

Retreat Day TAG Attire

Prayer of Catherine McAuley

My God,
I am yours today and all the days of my life.

Help me to trust completely in your loving care
and tender mercy.

May I realize that whatever happens this day,
we will do it together.

Please take away any fears, anxieties or hurts
that I might experience.

And may I always be aware of your gift of hope,
delighting my heart and entire being.

I pray all this, my God and my All,
until that great day we meet face to face,
forevermore.  Amen. 

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