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Graduation Service Requirement

"We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us."

Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Religious Sisters of Mercy
Understanding the Requirement
  • Each student must perform and document sixty (60) hours of service in order to graduate; each should perform and document at least 20 hours per year their first three years
  • Service may be completed either at one time (e.g., a Mission Trip) or cumulatively through their first three years
  • One set of hours can fulfill the Graduation Service Requirement as well as any requirements for a club, team or Honor Society
  • Consideration should be given to "direct service" (working directly with people) over "indirect service" (filing paperwork, etc.).
    • Different opportunities will be made available online through Feehan's service documentation platform, x2VOL
    • Freshmen and Sophomores may especially want to serve through school and their place of worship; Juniors, through non-profit events and organizations
    • Hours may be accrued upon graduation from the 8th Grade, after school, on weekends, and during vacation periods
  • Each student has an online account with their own login and password credentials through the service x2VOL to document their service hours
    • It enables students not only to submit service hours, but also to view, download and print them
    • It informs students of their progress, as well as new/ongoing service opportunities
    • INCOMING FRESHMEN AND TRANSFER STUDENTS will be registered at x2VOL at the start of the new school year.  
    • For help, visit the x2VOL Support Center
  • The Campus Ministry Office coordinates the Graduation Service Requirement. 

For New Freshmen and Transfer Students (Start of Each New Academic Year)

  • DO NOT REGISTER/LOG-IN to x2VOL.  We will be setting up your accounts at a later date, and will work with you to complete it. 
  • DOWNLOAD AND PRINT OUT the Service Hour Journal to record your service hours so you can upload them later once we have registered you.

Process for Verification and Approval

  • Students may wait for verification from those persons whose email you provided when you uploaded your hours. Normally, we give these "verifiers" approximately one month. Sometimes, the email sent to verifiers may end up in their Spam box unknowingly. If the individuals have not verified the hours by then, then the Campus Minister completes the process. For example, if you submitted 20 hours for verification on 6/20, the Campus Minister will wait until 7/20. If they have not yet been verified, then the Campus Minister will verify and approve.

Multiple Hours for the Same (or, Recurring) Project

  • If you conduct a repeated number of hours for the same project (for example, "altar serving"), you do not have to submit separate dates and hours. Simply submit the last date of service and the total number of hours you performed.

Remember: you can continue to submit hours for verification right through the summer. Don't wait for the Fall! 


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