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Another Summer of Progress at Bishop Feehan

  • New Fire Sprinkler System

  • Brickwork and New Sidewalks

  • Harvard Street Welcome Sign

  • McGrath Stadium New Sound System

  • Main Office Photo Murals

  • Gym Banners

  • New Campus Ministry Space

  • New Pizza Oven

Every summer seems to bring 60 days of furious work and improvements to the Bishop Feehan High School campus, and the 2019 summer was no different.
While some summers bring highly visible changes, summer 2019 was marked a bit more by strategic investments in infrastructure. Similar to when furnaces or windows are replaced, sprinkler systems and brick maintenance aren't exactly high-profile.  But that regular attention to campus health is exactly why Feehan's nearly 60-year-old building is in such great shape still today. 
A comprehensive list of summer 2019 projects includes:
Sprinkler System -- Main Building
An 8-man crew from Arden Engineering Constructors made Feehan their home this summer with an 8-week sprint to install nearly half a million dollars of fire sprinklers through all three floors of Feehan's main classroom building. Their terrific work is barely visible now (and hopefully will never be used), but Feehan is a better and safer place today than it was in June.
Brick Re-Pointing (Phase 1)
Another major and essential job that is virtually invisible is the seven weeks that Curry Waterproofing and Restoration spent on campus cleaning and re-mortaring and replacing brickwork three stories high on both sides of Feehan's main drive. Future summers will see the same maintenance on our west-facing and east-facing exteriors, all necessary after 60 years of sun and rain and wind. This work and regular maintenance hereafter will ensure that our Feehan buildings will stand strong for another 60 years.
New Harvard Street Welcome
Each day, several hundred cars in the morning and several hundred more in the afternoon make their way through our Harvard Street entrance, and now -- thanks to our friends at Cryan Landscaping -- our Harvard Street entrance feels like -- well -- an entrance. Welcome!
Stadium Sound System
Football, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, track meets, graduation -- all will now be surrounded by crystal clear sound thanks to a state-of-the-art sound system installed by our friends at Audio Concepts and Bishop Feehan grad Don Houde '71.
More Feehan Spirit
You may have noticed celebrations of our students, spirit and heritage popping up around campus these past few years. This summer brought even more. Check out the new photo murals around our main office in the classroom building, brand new photos in our athletics mural outside the Athletic Director's office and the new banners hanging in the gymnasium. Looking good!
Floors and Desks and Sidewalks
New tile floors in the Doran Arts Center, another dozen classrooms full of new student and teacher desks, and more sidewalk replaced before crumbling mark the 2019 progress in our annual, cyclical replacement cycle of school infrastructure items. Tackling these expenses annually, in controlled chunks, keeps equipment continually refreshed and helps us avoid budget busters of -- for example -- replacing every desk in just one summer. 
Kitchen Equipment
All of the equipment in Feehan's cafeteria is owned by the school, and -- like everything else -- needs upkeep and care. Summer 2019 brought a new compressor for the walk-in freezer and (and possibly the biggest news!) a new pizza oven to replace an original from the 1960s. We wish we had a count of how many pizzas were made in that oven. If Feehan had a Smithsonian, that old oven would be in it. 
All of this progress is made possible by the support of the entire Feehan community year after year and managed with great aplomb by Mr. Svendsen (Facility Director), Mr. Santos and Mr. Reardon. Great job, all! Go Shamrocks!
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