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Feehan Honors Black History Month

Feehan Honors Black History Month this February across Entire Campus

Six days in and Feehan's month-long celebration of Black History Month is already fully underway. This month, Feehan will take special care to remember and honor the many contributions by Black and African-American heroes to our culture, our country and our Church through a variety of initiatives from virtually every corner of the Feehan world.

Academic Immersion

Vice Principal for Academics Anne Kennedy challenged all of our academic departments to incorporate the month's themes into February lessons, and the results have been overwhelming.  We've already heard about more than 50 lessons directly connected to Black History Month.

There are simply too many to list, but a sampling includes: English classes with modules on James Baldwin, Sojourner Truth, August Wilson and more; Chorus/Jazz lessons on performing spirituals and the historical significance of spirituals to African-American culture; Irish history classes comparing and contrasting plantation systems in 17th-century Ireland to those in the American South; theology classes focusing on key African-American contributions to our Church; and so much more.

'Rock Talk & Our Learning Commons

Learning Commons Director Margaret Peixoto is proud to announce that the next speaker in our 'Rock Talk series -- outside guests bringing their insights to the Feehan community -- will be Paul Breines, a 1961 Freedom Rider and former Boston College professor.  Additionally, the Learning Commons will maintain a display "Celebrating Black Voices" -- key books and readings curated by our librarians just for this month.

Campus Ministry & Faith

Each week, our morning announcements will include inspirational readings from African-American thinkers and leaders. And to close the month, Feehan co-chaplain, Fr. David Costa, will lead our school in a prayer service designed with student assistance and directly connected to our Black History Month program.

Feehan is at its best when all are welcomed and celebrated.  This kind of celebration of Black History Month is just one more way that the Feehan community comes together to support one another and lift all up.


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