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Frequently Asked Questions                            

Unsure of what’s happening when you hear Setting Our Hearts ~ The Gala for Bishop Feehan? Here’s a quick primer:


So, what is this all about anyway?

A.  Setting Our Hearts is a celebration of Bishop Feehan. It’s a night dedicated to share the talents of our students, the vibrant spirit of our community, and our exciting vision for the future. It’s a re-thinking of our decades-old auction, a night like nothing Feehan has ever seen.

At it's core is a dinner-dance with cocktails, a great meal, friends and dancing. But our Setting Our Hearts Gala will be even more, as we'll have unique, Feehan-centric additions to the evening, a celebration of our mission and our community and even some surprises thrown in. Join us!

But the auction was so great, and I really looked forward to it every year. Why did it change?

A.  The biggest reason - we wanted to create an event that is a lot more about Feehan and our mission and people than about hundreds and hundreds of items to buy.  The annual auction has been an amazing success for Feehan for decades, thanks to the efforts of literally thousands of volunteers.  We are hoping to build on that success with the Gala.  As you leave the Gala, we know you'll have had a great time and we know you'll have learned even more about our mission and our good work.

Additionally, if you've ever worked on an auction or talked to someone who has, you likely know that auctions tend to become unbelievably time-consuming efforts for all involved. We want to get the focus back on Feehan and fun and less on thousands of volunteer hours and hundreds and hundreds of silent auction items.  We think you'll love the changes.

Who can and should attend? Is this for parents only?

We are hoping to make this the Gala for all those who love and support Feehan: parents, alumni, past parents, and Feehan friends.  Our biggest goal this year is to expand the number of folks who get to enjoy this big Feehan night.  Alumni - this is the perfect night to grab the old friend and get a table.  Past parents - you know you miss those other moms and dads that you sat in the stands with at so many Feehan games or races or matches.  Get a table for a fun night out.  And if it's just you or just you and your spouse - grab a ticket or two and we'll place you at a great table with new Feehan friends.

Most importantly, we'd love to have all Shamrocks at the Gala!

With no auction, what are we going to do all night?

A.  Good question. We will still have an auction, though – a live one, with popular auctioneer John Terrio managing the bidding on a handful of high-end packages full of exclusive opportunities.

We’ll also have two raffle drawings:

1) $10,000 Cash Prize Raffle - tickets available for purchase by mail or at the Gala.

2) Live Auction Raffle - for the right to choose one of a selection of live auction packages before it goes to bid. A limited number of these tickets will be sold and will only be available at the Gala.  

We'll also have a cocktail reception, dinner, dancing, a Feehan-centric (short!) speaking program and fun surprises galore.  It will be the social night of the year! Check out the full 2018 Gala Schedule here.

That sounds like a full night. Any other highlights?

A.  Only the biggest one. At Setting Our Hearts, we will present the inaugural Patricia Harrington, RSM Hero of Catholic Education Award posthumously to Sr. Pat! Sr. Pat’s brother and sisters will join us to accept the award at Rhodes. We’re also producing a video that honors Sr. Pat’s service to Feehan and chronicles the importance of great teachers at the school. Guests will be given the opportunity to make a gift to support the Excelsior Fund, which is dedicated to Feehan faculty.

Wow! Raffles, an auction, Sr. Pat... I'm in!. How do I get involved?

A.  Most importantly -- attend.  And bring friends.  We want this to be a huge night for all those who love and support Feehan.  Formal invitations will be mailed out in early February – tickets are just $75 per person.

If you want to make an even bigger impact, we have sponsorship and program advertisements available – please contact Dave Curtis,, for more information.

And everyone can support our $10,000 Cash Raffle.  Those tickets are available by mail or at the Gala. 


Dress code: Creative Cocktail Attire. Is that a thing?

A.  Yes, it is.  Or at least it is now.  The key: dress for a nice night of fun.  What would you wear for a nice night out on the town? Gentlemen: jackets are great but not required. Ties are welcome but not required. Ladies: Fun dress? Fun outfit? Our best advice: make sure it's something you can dance in!

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