Feehan to Induct Newest Crop of Hall of Famers and Legends

ATTLEBORO -  After a four-year hiatus, Bishop Feehan High School President Tim Sullivan ‘87 today announced the latest Feehan athletics and arts hall of fame inductees and two new distinguished contributors. All will be honored at Feehan’s Legends & Legacy event on June 15, 2023 on the school’s Attleboro campus.


Friends, family, former students and all Feehan fans and supporters are invited to attend this celebration of excellence and mission. Full details and tickets are available at https://www.bishopfeehan.com/legends2023


Our 2023 Hall of Fame and Distinguished Contributors include:

Athletics Hall of Fame


Feehan’s First Dynasty ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90 - Girls Tennis 

Coached by hall-of-famer Anne Carroll, the Feehan girls went on an unprecedented run to close out the 80s, winning four consecutive state championships with an 82-2 record over the four years.


Existing hall-of-famers Jennifer (Jackson) Bartlett ’90, Kristin Cosgrove (Brooks) ’90, Paula Heagney (Silva) ’91, Diane Ison ’87, Jacquelyn Johnson (Dooley) ’89, Bethann O’Donnell (Oliveira) ’88 will – in effect – be earning a second seat in the hall of fame, this time joined by all of their varsity teammates from their four-year run. 


girls tennisThe honorees are: Erin Aucella ’93, Melissa Barlow ’88, Jennifer (Jackson) Bartlett ’90, Amanda Blue (Fetter) '89, Coach Anne Carroll, Kristin Cosgrove (Brooks) ’90, Heather Crowley (Theodore) ’88, Sue Gilo (Brenneman) '87, Kara Glamore (Haskell) ’87, Jennifer Green (Vital) ’91, Heather Hansen ’90, Paula Heagney (Silva) ’91, Diane Ison ’87, Jacquelyn Johnson (Dooley) ’89, Stacey Kaminski ’92, Jennifer Healey ’87, Kathleen McCarthy ’91, Darci O’Brien ’87, Bethann O’Donnell (Oliveira) ’88, Jennie Ottinger (Anderson) ’89, Courtney Railton (Hamilton) '88

Andrew Gildea ’85Hockey

gildeaA goal-scoring sniper and captain for one of legendary Feehan hockey coach Vinnie Fagone’s earliest teams, Andrew (Andy) Gildea helped bridge a fledgling, relatively new Feehan hockey team into a new era of league and statewide success.  



Jim Renner ’02 – Golf

rennerAfter decades of very busy spring and summer travel schedules, Jim Renner – arguably the most successful professional athlete ever launched from Feehan – is finally local and able to join us for his long-awaited hall induction.  


Renner led a dominant, state-champion Feehan golf team, went on to a high-achieving college golf career, followed by nearly  20 years as a professional golfer, including 76 starts on the PGA Tour. Renner has several professional wins on his resume and a 2nd-place finish in the 2014 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am on the PGA Tour. 



Arts Hall of Fame


Joe Taylor P’09, ’12 – Band Director (1982-1992 and 2001-present)

joe taylorNo single person is more associated with Bishop Feehan band than long-time band director Joe Taylor. In two separate runs at Feehan, Taylor has led award-winning marching bands, orchestras, percussion ensembles and more. And more importantly, Taylor created a warm home and instilled a love of music for generations of Feehan musicians.



Contributors of Distinction


Kerry Latour (Lincoln) ’85, P’23 – Distinguished Service

kerry Kerry Latour (Lincoln) is the epitome of a Feehan grad who has never lost the passion for her alma mater. A long-time class ambassador, Kerry’s commitment became especially clear when she and her husband, Richard, moved back to Mansfield from California solely to enroll their daughter, Alexa ‘23, at Feehan in order to provide Alexa the same mercy-filled Feehan experience that Kerry values so greatly from the 80s.


And in the years since, Kerry’s commitment has only grown. She and Richard have been steering committee leaders for Feehan’s Daring to Believe Capital Campaign and recently served as co-chairs of the 2023 Setting Our Hearts Gala. Kerry has been a frequent and always-positive volunteer at Feehan and serves as a Corporator to the Feehan Board of Trustees. 


Deacon Joe McGinley P’98, ’02 (faculty 2011-present) – Distinguished Service, Honorary Alum

joe mcginleyPerhaps nothing captures Deacon Joe McGinley’s impact better than to simply say that he is a worthy successor to the legacy of Sr. Pat Harrington.


Quietly, prayerfully and with a warm spirit, Deacon Joe has inspired our entire Feehan community to embrace Christ’s teaching of loving one another unconditionally. We likely will never know the true number of students for whom Joe was a lifeline in difficult moments, but there is no doubt that he served that role for many. When the Feehan community as a whole needed to join in prayer for AJ Quetta in 2021, it was Deacon Joe who brought us together.


Deacon Joe’s leadership of the school’s Imago Dei ministry has made Feehan a better, stronger and more welcoming school.

“Our Legend & Legacy honorees represent the very best of Bishop Feehan,” notes Feehan President Tim Sullivan. “These are students, teachers and volunteers who have left their marks on our school in so many ways. They make us proud; they’ve made their school stronger; and they set an example for all those who come after. The legacy of Feehan is that of excellence, shared mission and building upon our past. These legends have left their mark and now will be enshrined for all time in our hall of honors.”

Help us celebrate these legends by attending on June 15th. Click here for full info and tickets here.   For more information, please contact Shawna Igoe at [email protected].