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Feehan’s arts programs, in a word, excel.

Whether it’s our visual arts program, theatre, chorus, band or dance...for decades our Feehan students have unearthed passions, developed skills, explored interests and shared their amazing talents with classmates, families and the world.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts students are supported by three full-time and 11 part-time faculty members as they hone their performance skills in class and clubs for major live events, competitions, and a host of pop-up opportunities in our community. 

The spring musical is a staple for our theatre troupe along with a drama and one-act play competitions (written, directed and performed by Feehan students). Similarly, our many singing groups have their major recitals and then also sing at local grammar schools and for our local seniors. Feehan’s marching band wins state and regional awards almost annually, while our concert band and percussion ensemble help drive our annual spring concert. Dance, too, is a long-time popular endeavor here at Feehan.

Like our sports offerings, our performing arts programs support both those just looking for the joy of participating (several hundred Feehan students perform annually) and those preparing for performing arts in college and beyond (Feehan performers are state honorees, college leads and even Broadway stars).

Visual Arts

For our visual artists —   photographers, sculptors, paint, pencil and pen artists — the same holds true. A six-person visual arts staff makes its home in our state-of-the-art Doran Arts Center leading more than 100 students annually in class and clubs. 

Two art shows annually in our Doran Arts Center gallery are particular highlights, featuring everything from the first effort of a just-starting freshman to the award-winning portfolio of a Boston Globe gold medal-winning senior. The Doran Arts Center is complete with two art studios, the gallery, a working kiln and a digital studio for animation, graphics, editing and web design.

Our achievements and accomplishments include awards from…

  •  Attleboro Museum High Arts
  • Scholastic Art Awards 
  • Massachusetts Wildlife Jr. Duck Stamp Awards
  • Junior and Senior District & All State Music Festival Awards
  • NESBA Band Association Champions
  • US Band Association Champions
  • NESBA Indoor Percussion Ensemble Champions
  • 100% passing grades for Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art