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Extracurricular Activities

There is Something for Everyone at Feehan

The Bishop Feehan experience wouldn't be complete without taking advantage of its countless opportunities to explore a wide variety of extracurricular interests on and around campus.
An extension of X-Period Academic Chorus for students who are unable to fit chorus into their schedule.

Moderator:  Mrs. Seals
Date and Time: TBD
Room: I-110
Google Classroom: pq2jsev
Host two blood drives each year and organize fundraising opportunities for individuals affected by different tragedies.
Moderator:  Mr. Sullivan
7:10 AM
Room 311
Google Classroom:  lnkccky
Visit local middle schools and assist the ESL students to achieve goals both academic and personal, focusing on MCAS preparation.
Moderators:  Mrs. Mandeville & Mrs. Laure Hallworth
Tuesdays & Thursdays - November to April
2:00 PM
Brennan/Wamsutta Middle Schools
[email protected] & [email protected]
Explore the culture, foods, music and traditions of different arabic speaking countries.

Moderator:  Mrs. Hallworth
Every other Thursday
2:25 PM
Room 105
Google Classroom:  nvfg2wu
[email protected]
Students will work together to plan and create large-scale projects (realistic and/or conceptual), eventually focusing on the production of a final art installation to be displayed towards the end of the school year at the Attleboro Arts Museum.
Moderator:  Ms. Sweet
2:30 PM
Doran 2
Google Classroom: tbadpfy
Write encouraging notes and make origami paper cranes for hospital and hospice care patients. More information is HERE.
Moderator:  Ms. Marion
Wednesdays as announced alternating mornings / afternoons
7:10 AM / 2:30 PM
Room 110
Google classroom: vzixen6
[email protected]
Read and discuss selected books on a monthly basis.
Moderator:  Mrs. Svendsen
Tuesday, once a month
7:10 - 7:30AM
Campus Ministry
Start the day off by sharing breakfast with friends.  Students bring items to share.

Moderator:  Mr. Powell
7:00 AM
Room 204
[email protected] 
Discuss all aspects related to investing including current news, investing, creating/maintaining a business, guest speakers and more. 
Moderator:  Mr. O'Brion
Date and Time: meetings posted on google classroom
Room: I-209
Google Classroom: lf7wmww
Come to Campus Ministry for a variety of events from discussion of critical concerns to service to social gathering.
Mrs. Demers
Events are posted on Google classroom
Times vary
Campus Ministry Center
Google classroom:  m563e4k
Bring your chess pieces and play, learn, or observe the game of chess.
Moderator:  Mr. Curren
7:10 AM
Room 224
Google Classroom: qzlfzw7
Study and experience vintage electronic devices and computers such as the COmmodore 64, to play old school games, and develop skills and interests in classic technology.  

Moderator:  Mr. Stephen Smith
7:00 AM
Room 305
Google CLassroom: h6dh6uv

Club Purpose:

  1. Promote Interest: The club will aim to foster and promote interest in computer science among our students. 
  2. Learning and Skill Development: The club will provide opportunities for members to learn and develop their computer science skills.
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork: The club will emphasize the importance of collaboration and teamwork in computer science.
  4. Exploration of Different Areas: Computer science is a vast field with various sub-disciplines. The club will expose members to different areas of computer science, such as web development, robotics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and game development. This will be achieved through guest speakers, workshops, and special interest groups within the club.
  5. Networking and Career Opportunities: The club will provide networking opportunities with professionals in the tech industry, either through guest speakers, industry visits, or mentorship programs. 
  6. Community Engagement: The club will engage with the local community and contribute to society. This can include organizing outreach programs to teach coding to younger students, participating in community service projects that involve technology, or collaborating with other clubs and organizations to organize tech-related events.
  7. Personal Growth and Leadership: The club will foster personal growth and leadership skills among its members. 

Activities may include:
A. Coding and programming workshops 
B. Building a PC from Scratch
C. Drones and electronics 
D. Game development and competitions
E. Ethical hacking workshops  and competitions
F. App development and mobile programming
G.Guest Speakers
H.Latest Computer Technologies
I. Artificial Intelligence
J.Quantum Computing

Moderator:  Mr. Scott
2:30 - 3:15 PM
Room I 215 (Innocation and Arts Center)
Google Classroom: dtvdte
[email protected]
Relaxed group that focuses on stress management and healthy coping skills. Therapy dogs attend for added support. 
Moderator:  Mrs. Rose
2 Wednesdays a month
7:15 AM
Language Lab
Google classroom sysle2o
We compete in the Southeastern Massachusetts Policy Debate League.
Moderator:  Mr. Speidel
2:30 PM
Google Classroom: 5wmfknr
Play Dungeons and Dragons with other enthusiasts!

Moderator:  Mr. Seals
2:30 PM
Room 298
Introduce students to different fields of engineering.

Moderator:  Mrs. Correia
7:10 AM
Room:  I-217
Coogle Classroom:  hir5gbt
[email protected]
Compete in Overwatch/Valorant/Rocket League/ SMASH through Vanta eSports. Learn to be a better competitive player. Learn to work together in a team environment.

Moderator:  Mr. Endler
Days and Time: TBD
Google Classroom: sago6id
Explore different career paths you may want to enter after high school! 

Moderator:  Ms. Patton
Every other Tuesday
Room 111
After School
Google classroom code is: pxajp73
[email protected] 
To review and discuss modern fashion trends.

Moderator:  Mrs. Andrade
Thursdays at 2:30 PM
Google Classroom: ighgwrv
[email protected] 
No Place for Hate is a self-directed program helping schools play a role in combating bias and bullying as a means to stop the escalation of hate.
Moderators:  Mrs. Payson 
Start 9/13 and Days/Time TBD
Share your voice and raise awareness around mental health. Advocate for mental health illness and fight the stigma around it.
Moderators:  Mrs. Hallworth 
Every other Thursday
7:10 AM
Room 105
Google Classroom: fsbipm2
Uphold the mission of the Athletic Department and the School while creating a positive and fun fan experience during athletic events. Students must apply and be selected to join.

Moderators:  Mr. Charron, Mr. Pinabell, Mr. Sullivan, & Mr. Winter
7:15 AM
Room 313
Become a buddy/pen pal with a child at Trinity Catholic Academy in Brockton and build a connection with families in need.
Moderator:  Ms. Marion
Thursday's as announced starting 9/21
7:10 AM
Google Classroom: akoai4j
Room 110
Educate ourselves and the Feehan Community on the environment. Hold recycling drives for students.
Moderator:  Ms. Marion
Monday's as announced starting 9/18
7:00 AM
Room 110
Google Classroom: pmdlen2
Learn the proper way to raise, lower and fold a flag. Small groups of students are responsible for the raising and lowering of the American and State flags at our flag pole.  
Moderator:  Mr. Keane
7:35 AM / 2:15 PM
Flag pole
Google Classroom: ub2nycg
Discuss the issues which impact women, from dress codes to role models to media influence.  Open to both young women and men.
Moderator:  Ms. Bickford
Every other Thursday
7:10 AM
Room 096
Take part in producing a quality film, including acting, writing, directing, editing, animating, cinematography, effects, and sound.
Moderator:  Mr. Endler
2:30 PM
Library Classroom
Google classroom 43xhdv3
Are you a fan of watching movies? Are your friends tired of you talking about movies? Well we're here to listen. Come join the Film Review Club Wednesday mornings at 7 in LC3. We vote on a movie each week and come in to discuss.
Moderator:  Mr. Ryan
7:00 AM
Google Classroom: szmsdw3
Make neatly designed bags to be used for giving food and basic necessities to the homeless. The bags will be donated to the Harvard Homeless Mission in Boston. The time and effort taken to create each bag shows the support of the Feehan Community.

Moderator:  Mrs. Dowd
Every other Tuesday
7:15 AM AM starting 10/3
Room 201 
Google Classroom: fuqbyh2
[email protected] 
We help take care of a house for AIDS patients in Cumberland, RI - cook them meals, help with yard work, and take the residents on outings.
Moderator:  Mr. Speidel
Dates and times vary
Check Google Classroom kwbu6wx for announcements
Room 112
We are a current-events discussion forum and discuss critical concerns such as racism, women, immigration, non-violence, and care of the earth - and how they affect our day-to-day lives. Be prepared for healthy discussion and debate, with service opportunities to come!

Moderator: Mrs. Lindsay
Every Tuesday 
7:10 AM
Google Classroom Code: myyc4uk
[email protected] 
The club works with Campus Ministry to find service opportunities and finds ways to help those struggling in developing countries.  

Moderator: Mr. Matt Smith 
Every other Wednesday
7:15 AM
Room 202
Google Classroom: wihwjzf
An open and safe space for students to have fun, meet others, and explore thier creative passion.

Moderator: Mrs. Matos Di Lascio
2:30 - 3:15 PM
Google Classroom Code:  u3kom4h
Location : TBD
[email protected]
Learn how to cook recipes from around the world. You will learn all the secrets about French, Spanish, Italian cuisine and more!
Moderator:  Mrs. Hallworth
Every other Tuesday
4:30-5:15 PM
Google Classroom: e2xaw5f
Learn conversational Italian and about Italian culture.
Moderator:  Ms. Marion
Fridays as announced
7:10-7:30 AM
Room 110 
Perform at various school concerts and events. Students must be members of the concert band or other performing ensemble at the discretion of the director.
Moderator:  Mr. Knasas
Dates, times and locations TBD
Google Classroom: rp7eij6
Interested in praying the Rosary in Latin? This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the Rosary in Latin. No prior Latin experience is required and resources to learn prayers in Latin will be provided.  All students, faculty and staff are welcome.  
Moderator: Mrs. Silva
Fridays after school / Monday's at 7:10 AM
Mercy Chapel
Google Classroom: 4i5mhjw
[email protected]
If you write poems and/or short stories, take photos, or create art, come join our supportive artistic community! See our work at
Moderator:  Mrs. Willis
Day: Monday
Time: 2:30-3:00 PM
Room 205
Google Classroom: ax5ax7a
Compete in the Southeastern Massachusetts Conference Mathematics League.
Moderator:  Mr. Harris
2:30 PM
Room 117
We will be preparing and trying a criminal case given to us by the Mass Bar Association. Competition trials against other schools in February and March.
Moderator:  Mr. Speidel & Mrs. Barrette
10:00 AM
Google Classroom:  jxkqbqu
[email protected] & [email protected] 
NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth.

Moderator: Mrs. Willis
Time: 2:25 - 3:00
Room 205
Publish several issues per year, focusing on school and local news that affects the student body.
Moderator:  Mrs. Doliber
9/21    2:30
10/19  2:30
11/16  2:30
12/14  7:15
12/21  2:30
1/4      7:15
1/25   2:30
2/1     7:15
2/29   2:30
3/1     2:30
3/14   7:15
4/11    7:15
4/25   2:30
5/2     7:15
5/23   2:30
Room 219
Google Classroom:  3hrfegw 
Sing and worship weekly in the Chapel before school begins.
Moderator:  Mrs. Dowd
7:10 AM
Perform at various school concerts and events. Students must be members of the concert band or other performing ensemble at the discretion of the director.
Moderator:  Mr. Taylor & Mr. Knasas
Time & Location TBD
A thinking community dedicated to grappling with the great questions of life by exploring and sharing ideas from the past and present.

Moderator:  Mr. Fasy
Time: TBD
[email protected] 
To learn and play pickelball and enjoy some afternoon sports together.

Moderator:  Mrs. Medeiros
2:30-3:45 PM
Tennis Courts
Google Classroom: plw6w57
[email protected] 
Discuss current events and issues, organize the annual Dodge Ball Tournament to raise money for the Jimmy Fund.
Moderator:  Mr. Ryan
7:10 AM
Room 214
Google Classroom: flra32j
Develop students' interest in the field of medicine and discuss process and strategies of attending medical school.
Moderator:  Mr. Crossen
7:15 AM
Room 304
Google Classroom:  bgzgqwk

Enhance your experience and appreciation of psychology in fun ways.


Moderator:  Ms. Corcoran

Mondays 1x a month
2:30 PM

Room 316

Google Classroom: dp2gjy6

[email protected]

Students will play board and card games while listening to music and relaxing.

Moderator:  Mrs. Sweet
Doran 1
Google Classroom: 7ptxb5z
[email protected] 
Develop a respect for and culture of life through awareness, advocacy, service, and support.
Moderators:  Mrs. Tyler & Mrs. Kelly
Mondays 2x/month as announced
7:10 AM
Room 95
Google Classroom: 7uau7ft
Students will be involved in activities such as theory and operation of robots, construction of robots, and robot competition.
Moderator:  Mrs. K Gomez
Mondays, Wednesdays & occasional Fridays
2:30 PM
Innovation Lab
Google Classroom: dugm5ra
[email protected]
End elder loneliness through monthly visits to The Branches of North Attleboro Senior Living Community. Bring smiles to faces one makeover at a time. 

Moderator:  Ms. J Luongo
Wednesdays 2x a month
7:10 AM
Room 113
Google Classroom: 3he5g3s
[email protected]
Construction, art work and back stage assistance for theater productions.
Moderator:  Mrs. Strunin
Days and times vary
Google Classroom:  63hfzop
Plan and attend about two ski trips per season.
Moderator:  Ms. Johnson
Day and time varies depending on when trip is scheduled
Room 200
Google Classroom:  6kmhhfa
The Social Media Club seeks to promote the accomplishments of the students and alumni of the Feehan Family, as well as the many events that take place at Bishop Feehan using the most widely used current social media networks. Fill out this form to join!
Moderator:  Mrs. Simoneau
Tuesdays starting 9/19
7:05-7:30 AM
Dion Day Room (Mercy Hall, third floor)
Google Classroom: q6cj6l3
Volunteer as coaches and staff for Special Olympics young athletes programs.  Raise awareness and funds for children with intellectual disabilities.
Moderators:  Mr. Fasy & Mr. King
Date and Time: TBD
Encourage all members of the Feehan community to show kindness and create a more positive atmosphere by doing small acts of kindness.
Moderator:  Mrs. Lisa Luongo
7:10 AM
Room 207
Google Classroom:  bhcnini
Take part in community service.
Moderators:  Mrs. Matos DiLascio Mrs. Demers
7:10 AM
Room: Auditorium
Google Classroom:  qovjjc7
Participate in fun experiments, contest and activities
Moderator:  Mrs. Lavertu
Every other Tuesday starting 9/19/23
2:30 PM
Room 303
Google Classroom:  fz265ll  (ll not 11)
Open to students who play violin, viola, cello or bass. Perform at 2-3 concerts per year.
Moderator:  Mrs. Keohane
Date & Time TBD
Plan rallies, dances, and other school activities and promote school spirit.
Moderators:  Mr. Ryan
SADD is helping students make positive decisions about their health and safety.

Moderator: Mrs. Esposito-Smith
First Thursday of the month
7:30 AM
ARC (Learning Commons) 
Google Classroom: fj6iabx
[email protected]
Service based club inviting students to be active in the greater Attleboro community and promote a youthful presence within LaSalette and other local service-based institutions.
Moderator:  Mr. Adams
Every other Thursday
7:00 AM
Room: 202
[email protected] 
Students will meet to discuss appreciation of Taylor Swift along with spending time listening to and analyzing songs.

Moderator:  Ms. Johnson
Tuesdays 1x/month
2:25 PM
Location : Room 200
[email protected] 
To play and teach tennis.

Moderator: Mr. Adams
Wednesdays at 2:20 PM
Tennis Courts
Google Classroom:  kgnf5mi
[email protected] 
Perform a comedy or drama production in the Fall and a musical production in the Spring.
Moderator:  Mrs. Strunin
Days and times vary
Google Classroom:  63hfzop
A community for Feehan students that have a passion for baking and want to share ideas and recipes.

Moderator:  Ms. O'Brien
1 time per month
2:30 PM
Room 113
Google Classroom: bmeaz4q
[email protected] 
Have unanswered questions about theology? Wonder why some people believe in God? Want to grow closer to God and hear inspiring messages? 

Moderator:  Mrs. Silva
7:10 AM
Campus Ministry Center
Google Classroom:  awuhrhe
[email protected] 
Co-ed team club sport 7v7, catch the disc in the endzone to score a point, but you cannot run with the frisbee. 

Moderator:  Ms. Pare & Mr. Moreau
Time: TBD, mostly spring