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Shamrock Fund

The fundamental truths of Bishop Feehan High School stand as tall today as they did when we first raised our chapel spire:
Students growing into leaders and servants.

Faculty living their vocation to motivate and inspire.

A spirit rooted in Mercy.
That legacy has only endured thanks to the Feehan Family. We ask you to join that tradition or renew your commitment again this year. Your annual support is essential to the Feehan of today and tomorrow.
Feehan's Shamrock Fund offers the opportunity to dedicate your gift to a distinct fund that matches your passion with our school's priorities. Gifts to Feehan also may be directed toward general support of our vital daily work and long-term improvements.
Remaining true to our founders' call, we annually expand our financial aid opportunities so all qualified students may enjoy a Feehan experience, regardless of their family's budget. Gifts of even a few hundred dollars can make all the difference in a student coming or returning to Feehan.
Feehan's teachers, coaches, instructors and counselors model our Mercy charism, innovate to help our students learn and thrive , and maintain the traditions that unite the Feehan family. Gifts to the Excelsior Fund allow us to attract and retain these outstanding educators.
Every Feehan student encounters Christ and our Catholic faith in meaningful ways daily. Gifts to our Catholic Identity Fund support retreats, Masses, daily prayer, service and leadership opportunities, and our Campus Ministry initiatives.
From sports to stage, arts, music and dozens of student-run clubs, Feehan's diverse extra-curricular offerings show that the student experience involves discovering and sharing gifts and talents far beyond a classroom's walls. Gifts to the One Feehan Fund put you on our team!