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Board of Trustees

Bishop Feehan High School is governed by a talented Board of Trustees with a passion for the mission of our school. The Board is responsible for setting and reviewing the strategic direction of the school and overseeing the fiduciary management of the School and its assets.

Trustees focus on policies and strategies that are future-focused, working in partnership with the President, who oversees daily operations. The board utilizes its committees to study and assess the needs, activities and performance of the school and to make recommendations when planning, developing and establishing policy.


2022-23 Members:

Joe Kurtzer P ‘22 ‘26, Chair

Justin Ruel ‘92, P ‘22 ‘24, Vice Chair, Finance and Audit Co-Chair

Donna Lamontagne P ‘19 ‘19 ‘20, Trustee Emeritus

Tim Sullivan ‘87, P ‘17 ‘18 ‘21 ‘24, President


Paula Bizier ‘86, P ‘20 ‘22, Finance and Audit Co-Chair

Amy Daley P ‘21 ‘23, Governance and Board Development Co-Chair

Dave Dziok ‘01, Advancement and Enrollment Co-Chair

Sr. Rayleen Giannotti, RSM, Governance and Board Development Co-Chair

Suzanne Hinckley P ‘19 ‘22 ‘25, Strategic Planning Co-Chair

Todd McGhee P ‘12 ‘20, Strategic Planning Co-Chair

Monika Page ‘97, Advancement and Enrollment Co-Chair


Arthur Barrett P ‘18

Colleen Brennan-Martinez ‘77

Susan Coady ‘86, P ‘16 ‘18 ‘19 ‘21 ‘22 ‘24

Fr. David Costa

Craig D’Ambrosia P ‘17 ‘19 ‘21

Lori DeRosa P ‘22 ‘24

Beth Elliott P ‘22 ‘25

Peter Rollins ‘72

Chris Sands ‘01

Nate Wistran P ‘22 ‘24