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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Bishop Feehan:  An Essential Strategic Priority

Continuing recent progress in diversity, equity & inclusion at Feehan was identified as a core priority in Feehan’s 2019 Daring to Believe strategic plan and has been clearly reaffirmed in 2021 by Bishop Feehan’s new Board of Trustees. We are committed to upholding a welcoming and inclusive environment where we recognize, value, and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and voices in the Feehan community.


Bishop Feehan High School is working hard on three related fronts all tied directly to our Catholic mission and Mercy heritage:

  1. To become a more diverse institution by recruiting and enrolling more students and hiring more staff  of diverse backgrounds. Diverse voices make Feehan stronger. 

  2. To ensure that Feehan is a warm, inviting, accepting community for those students and staff of diverse backgrounds.

  3. To create an educational environment where diverse voices (and friends and teammates and teachers) improve long-term outcomes for all of our students, preparing all Feehan students most effectively for a diverse world. 

Efforts towards these strategic goals have included: faculty professional development in partnership with the New England office of the Anti-Defamation League, admissions recruiting, Feehan’s new No Place for Hate organization, a series of guest speakers (“’Rock Talks”) on DEI topics, regular administration panel discussions with parents and alumni of color and more. Minority student enrollment increased steadily for five consecutive years (rising from 8.5% in 2015-2016 to 13.3% in 2019-2020).


The work is real and can be difficult, and progress at times comes more slowly than we hope.  But the work continues. And the priority remains top of mind. Bishop Feehan’s Board of Trustees has asked for an update on this progress at every Trustees meeting. Bishop Feehan’s administrative team has this as a key effort in all annual plans. 


We are excited to announce today (Fall 2021) the launch of another initiative on this front to continue our progress in serving students of color. Our new Ignite, Support & Empower initiative will increase pathways to Feehan for students of color and allow us to serve those students distinctly and personally during their time at Feehan and beyond. This initiative is possible through the generosity of several alumni who want to see this important DEI work continue.


Click here to read about Ignite, Support & Empower.


At the same time, Feehan continues to work on additional fronts to make Feehan stronger. We are actively seeking talented educators of color (teachers, coaches, staff) who embrace the mission of Catholic education and want to make a career and a difference at Feehan. And we are always open to direct feedback and ideas for helping Feehan reach all of our DE&I goals. 


Have more questions about Feehan’s DE&I efforts? Want to network about job opportunities or talented potential hires for Feehan? Contact President Tim Sullivan ’87 directly at [email protected]. For admissions questions, contact our Admissions Office at [email protected].