Feehan’s New Digital Citizenship Program Prepares Students to Take Ownership of their Digital Lives

Bishop Feehan High School is pleased to announce a new digital citizenship curriculum program. All Feehan freshmen participate in the program. It follows the curriculum from Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship program that prepares students to take ownership of their digital lives. 

This research-based program was designed and developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and guided by research from thousands of educators. The lessons are designed to give students the skills they need to face the challenges and dilemmas of digital life and give them the tools they need to succeed as digital learners and citizens. Curriculum topics include privacy, security, and cyberbullying.

"I'm very excited to provide extra support for our students for their healthy and safe engagement in the online world,” said Feehan Principal Sean Kane. “We see the impact that the digital world has on our students and this program will help to prepare our students to make smart choices online and in their lives. Our teacher spearheading the program, Michelle Gilbert, is doing great things with our freshmen.”

In addition, through outreach, families are engaged with related at-home activities and discussion prompts. There are plans to expand the curriculum over time to other grades, and earn the distinction of being a "Common Sense School".