Scholastic Art Awards 2024

Each year, with the support of our Fine Arts department, many Bishop Feehan High School students are awarded with Gold and Silver Keys for their exemplary work.

Neve Constantine '26, Gold Key, "Amongst the Shadows"

Penelope Leung '25, Silver Key, "Skeleton"

Mollie Mullen '26, Silver Key, "Ella"

Ashley Vorlicek '26, Silver Key, "Self Portrait"

Stephanie Brown '24, Honorable Mention, "Landscape of Charlton"

Addie Charlton '25, Honorable Mention, "In the Fishbowl"

Emma Fitzgerald '24, Honorable Mention, "The Eyes of Anguish"

Annalise Karamas '24, Honorable Mention, "Hallways"

Samantha LoMonaco '27, Honorable Mention, "Tom Edges"

Xyden Procaccianti '26, Honorable Mention, "Inner Expanse"

Alana Soundara '25, Honorable Mention, "Mermaid and Siren"

Scholastic Art Awards

Front Row: Ms. Jessica Peixoto '04, Annalise Karamas '24, Addison Charlton '25, Alana Soundara '25, Samantha LoMonaco '27, Stephanie Brown '24, Mrs. Charlotte Lourenco
Back Row: Mrs. Trenna Roque '09, Xyden Procaccianti '26, Penelope Leung '25, Emma Fitzgerald '24, Ashley Vorlicek '26, Mollie Mullen '26, Neve Constantine '26, Ms. Maddie Sweet '15