Bishop Feehan and Attleboro Norton YMCA Team for Feehan Pathways Scholarships

The Pathways Scholarship program is designed to provide access to a Feehan education to deserving young people with a connection with the YMCA who - for financial reasons - would otherwise be unable to afford a Bishop Feehan education.

“Bishop Feehan has always felt a strong connection to our Attleboro home and a responsibility to serve those local students who truly desire a Feehan education, regardless of their ability to pay,” said Bishop Feehan President Tim Sullivan. “We can think of no better bridge between Feehan and these talented local students than the Attleboro Norton YMCA with its long-standing commitment to those same families.”

There will be up to three Pathways Scholarships awarded annually to youth who are involved at the YMCA through volunteer service, camp participation or involvement in youth development programs. The scholarships are renewable for up to four years and students with demonstrated financial need will be highly considered. Later this spring, the application process will be rolled out for next year’s 8th-grade applicants.

“As a long-time Y corporator, I know well the Y’s commitment to empowering youth and setting a foundation for bright futures,” added Sullivan. “Bishop Feehan is proud to make this Y connection more formal and can’t wait to see terrific Y kids making Bishop Feehan a better place and – further down the road – then making the world a better place.”

“This Scholarship program embodies our shared commitment to providing opportunities for deserving youth,” said Leigh Fontes, CEO, Attleboro Norton YMCA. “Through this collaboration, we aim to ensure that financial barriers do not hinder access to quality education. Together, we are opening doors and empowering young individuals to reach their full potential.”

Feehan and YMCA