Faith Alive at Feehan

The close of the23-’24 school year saw some extra special faith initiatives on-campus. These are more than worth some celebrating. Both are new to Feehan and poised for growth. Let’s take a look:

Order of Christian Initiation (formerly RCIA) through Feehan

This one is extra special and a true Feehan first. During the year, Mr. Dave Powell, Feehan English teacher, learned that three of his students – Sean Callaghan ’24, Jack Charnley ’25 and Morgan Wessling ’25 – desired to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church. That was great news on its face, but even better was that – for the first time – Feehan (and Deacon Joe McGinley) was able to host the initiation process right here on campus.  

As a result of the students’ commitment to the process and the support of Feehan staff, Jack and Morgan received the Sacraments of Initiation at their respective parishes during Easter Vigil Mass, and Sean was brought into full communion with the Church by receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Edgar da Cunha on May 2.

“It was especially gratifying to learn that Ray Moreau, a science teacher at Bishop Feehan, agreed to serve as Morgan’s sponsor while English teacher Dave Powell served as Jack’s sponsor,beamed Deacon Joe.In addition, several Feehan faculty attended Sean’s confirmation. Their dedication speaks to our school’s commitment to fulfilling our mission statement asproudly and enthusiastically a Roman Catholic high school.


Pictured L-R: Deacon Joe McGinley, Jack Charnley ’25, Sean Callaghan ’24, Mr. Dave Powell


The Knights of St. Joseph

Late May saw another exciting faith development, as Feehan math teacher Greg Speidel (with a ton of help) saw his vision of a group for Feehan boys who want to become better men and grow in their Catholic faith. According to Mr. Speidel, it will be a student-led brotherhood where boys can share honestly, hold each other accountable, and be witnesses to the Gospel here at our school. The group hopes to start as an official ministry next year that meets regularly, holds retreats, and sponsors Catholic events for the wider Feehan community. 

And the group got off to a great start as 20 Feehan students and a terrific cohort of Feehan mentors came together on a Saturday in May for a planning retreat. They prayed, discussed challenges facing young men, and planned how they could help serve our school community. During the retreat, they were treated to a witness talk about accountability from Deacon Joe McGinley. 

“One of the most unexpected and powerful parts of this ministry is watching our mission focus expand outside of our theology classrooms,said theology teacher Mr. Jim Fasy.It’s been wonderful to see teachers from other departments incorporate Feehan's mission into their teaching and inspire our students to put their faith into action outside the classroom.” 

A special thank you to Mr. Spiedel, Deacon Joe McGinley, Fr. Craig Pregana, Mr. Marco Spataro, Mr. Stephen Carpenter, Mr. Jim Fasy, Mr. Kevin Adams, and Mrs. Moira Dowd for their support of the new ministry.

Knights of St. Joseph