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Virtual Learning

The Virtual High School (VHS):

A New and Exciting Learning Opportunity for Our BFHS Students

What is it?
The Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for middle and high school students, educators, and schools - everywhere. Through The Virtual High School's unique network of schools, students, educators, and parents gain access to student-centered online education within a high quality, collaborative learning environment.
Parents and students should feel confident that this program is well-established and well-vetted.
Virtual High School courses will be offered at Honors and Advanced Placement levels.
We believe VHS will provide more opportunities for our Bishop Feehan students and more flexibility to our school's academic programming.
Please take a look at the VHS online catalog here. When choosing a class, remember to make sure to select “High School” in the Program search option.
  1. Students may access a Virtual High School course that is not already offered in the Shamrock Studies Course Catalog.
  2. In certain circumstances, it may be possible for a student to take a Virtual High School course that is already offered in our Shamrock Studies Course Catalog. Circumstances may include significant schedule conflicts or courses that are in the catalog, but are not offered in a given year. A request must be presented to and approved by the Vice Principal of Academics, Mrs. Anne Kennedy.
  3. A Virtual High School course can be counted as one of the required classes in a student’s yearly schedule.  Students must still meet the minimum required credits for their grade level.  
  4. A Virtual High School class may also be counted as an elective course over and above the minimum required credits for the year. However, no student is allowed to exceed 8.0 credits in any single school year.
  5. Students enrolled in a Virtual High School course will be assigned to the Learning Commons during an empty period in their schedule, and the student is required to report there during that period.  The Virtual High School period is not a study hall period, and the junior/senior privilege of leaving early does not apply to scheduled Virtual High School periods.
  6. Virtual High School students are supervised by the Virtual High School Site Coordinator, Mrs. Esposito-Smith.  Mrs. Esposito-Smith may or may not be present during the student’s scheduled period in the Learning Commons.  In that case, the Learning Commons Director or other designated supervisor will be present to supervise and support students as needed.
  7. Students must pay the associated fees: $160 for a semester course / $320 for a full year for 2019-2020.
  8. Financial aid may be possible through Mercy Works. A student should contact his or her guidance counselor to inquire about financial assistance.
  9. Courses may run as either semester (15 weeks) or full year (35 weeks) courses. Space may be limited.