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Feehan is famous for our highly-competitive, high-spirited, interscholastic and intramural sports program, which invites everyone to get involved, strive for excellence and support the Shamrocks!

It’s hard to believe, but nearly 800 Feehan students (almost 80% of the student body) compete in at least one sport each year on Holcott Drive. Our new locker rooms, gyms, fields, courts and track are filled every season with teams offered — in most cases — at every level from freshmen through varsity.

Our most competitive athletes achieve excellence as teams and as individuals. And all of our athletes connect with their coaches and teammates for the true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that defines Shamrock Sports.

We have teams that are tough to make and teams with no cuts at all. Participation, multi-sport athletes and all Feehan athletes becoming their best are key goals of our overall program. New inter scholastic offerings like fencing and field hockey and girls ice hockey have only added to our athletic strength. Likewise, our growing intramural sports program creates opportunities for all. 

Since 2020, Feehan has been a full member of the highly-competitive Catholic Central League (CCL), a true partnership of like-minded schools competing daily for league and state championships.