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iPads and Apps

The students of the Bishop Feehan High School will be prepared to use technology as an integral tool in their daily lives. In order to become functional and responsible citizens in a technological society, students must become life-long learners, critical thinkers, active collaborators, and creative problem solvers.
We are a 1:1 school and the individual use of an iPad is a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for their educational and career future. Teaching and learning through the integration of an iPad/technology increases student engagement and ownership of learning and allows for effective transformation of curriculum that can take place anywhere and at anytime. By using technology effectively, it will lead to increased student engagement and thereby increase student achievement in all areas.
All students will be immersed in a technology rich environment which motivates, engages, and challenges students to learn 21st century skills, as it will be an integral part of their future.
All students at Bishop Feehan High School are required to purchase an iPad for school use.
  • These devices are used for integrated lessons, projects, access to eTexts and to develop student productivity skills in the use of technology for daily tasks.  
  • Students are required to bring their iPad fully charged to school each day and are expected to keep their IOS and apps up-to-date.  
  • Click here to browse your iPad options. We suggest choosing from one of the options in the link. We strongly recommend 256 GB capacity. The 64 GB option could work, however an upgrade could be needed during your time at Feehan. The iPad Air and iPad Pro models are acceptable choices if you feel you need the capabilities that they offer.
What do I do if my iPad is not charged, breaks, or is lost?
  • Students are responsible to ensure their iPad is charged to start every school day. A full charge should easily last the school day. Students are responsible to back up their iPad to their school Google account or iCloud where applicable in order to recover data to another device if necessary.
  • If the iPad is broken or lost, the family is responsible for replacing it in a timely manner and should make an appointment with their local Apple store.
  • The Bishop Feehan library has a limited number of iPads  and chargers available for short-term checkout in the event of an emergency. If you would like to borrow an iPad you must sign a waiver and return it in the condition from which it was lent. 
Passwords: A word of caution
  • Every purchase made on iTunes will require the Apple ID password to be entered. Parents may choose to hold the password themselves and restrict purchasing in this way. However, this is not recommended as a password must also be entered to download free apps and students may find themselves unable to access certain resources during the school day if they do not know their Apple ID password. Please give your child access to the Apple ID and password.
  • Additionally, user error is a common problem when dealing with tech issues. Meaning, students do not know the passwords used for accounts such as books or applications. Please write down and share all password used when establishing new accounts for your student. 
Screentime Monitoring Apps
  • Applications that track and monitor your students' iPad may cause error messages when trying to download app's that are necessary for their academic work.  
  • Please do not use tracking applications on student learning devices.