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Named Scholarship Funds

Bishop Feehan owes a great debt of gratitude to the thousands of donors over the years who have made scholarship giving a philanthropic priority of their families or their estates. Thousands of talented students are now Feehan graduates - serving the world with the values- and faith-based education they received at Feehan - only because of the generous support of Feehan’s alumni, parents and friends.
Feehan’s Advancement staff is willing to discuss options and arrange an appropriate gift format for all donors year-round.
If donors or friends have any questions or would like assistance in making a financial aid gift or setting up a scholarship fund of any kind, please contact Dave Curtis, our Director of Advancement, at any time.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Giving at Bishop Feehan takes three forms:

1. The Mercy Fund (part of Feehan’s Shamrock Fund)

Annual giving at Bishop Feehan can be specifically directed to our Mercy Fund, which is dedicated to providing financial aid and financial support (books, technology and the like) to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to take advantage of a Feehan education. Mercy Fund support is our largest source of annual financial aid.
Mercy Fund (Shamrock Fund) donations can be made directly online here.

2. Named Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are awards funded annually by donors and connected directly to an individual student of need. The amount of the financial aid award is equal to the amount contributed by the donor. These named scholarships continue as long as the donor maintains the contribution level required.
The minimum donation/pledge for a named annual scholarship is roughly 25% of one-year’s tuition at Bishop Feehan for a minimum of 4 years. Currently, that minimum is $2,500/year.

3. Named Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships allow donors to create an impact in perpetuity, as earnings from the endowment will be used each year to support a scholarship or scholarships at Bishop Feehan. The funds and awarding and reporting of the scholarships will be administered by Bishop Feehan’s advancement office in conjunction with the Diocese of Fall River.
The minimum donation amount necessary to establish an Endowed Scholarship is $40,000, which (at roughly a 4% estimated return) will yield $1,600 in named financial aid each year into the future. Annual financial aid awards will vary based on investment performance. Donors can reach that $40,000 commitment level with a pledge over a four-year period of time.
Donors often continue to add to Endowed Scholarships over time (even after a fund has reached the minimum level) to increase award levels in line with tuition/inflation increases.
Memorial Giving (Bereavement)
Bishop Feehan is often the grateful recipient of memorial gifts and “in lieu of flowers” donations at times of loved ones’ passings. We have created a guide sheet to assist families in this process during their time of grief.
Outgoing College Scholarships (Exit Scholarships)
Feehan is also immensely grateful for the many organizations that support our graduating students as they leave Feehan and head to college and beyond. These “Exit Scholarships” (awarded to students as they exit BFHS) are highly valued, but they are not managed by Bishop Feehan.
Exit Scholarships are typically managed wholly by outside organizations (examples: the Balfour Foundation or Attleboro Elks Club). Bishop Feehan’s guidance department is happy to help communicate these opportunities to Feehan students, and Feehan students who earn these awards are often honored at the BFHS Senior Awards Night (sometimes with the awarding organization participating). Feehan does not collect or manage funds for exit scholarships.