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Patricia M. Harrington, RSM Hero of Catholic Education

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Appropriately, at our first Gala, our very first honoree was Sister Pat herself, accepted by Sister Pat’s family.  
A legend in the Feehan community, Sr. Pat was a math teacher by trade but a counselor, friend, role model, retreat leader, inspiration, lifesaver and so much more for generations of the school’s students. She loved and served all, but was especially drawn to students struggling with life’s many challenges. She had a gift for showing them their value in the eyes of God and challenged them to be defined by their response to adversity, not the adversity itself.
For many students, she was the personification of love and acceptance. Her example helps define what Feehan aims to be today and in the future for all our students.
Sister started her Feehan career as a math teacher in 1969 and served the school in that capacity and more through her passing in 2015. She brought the ECHO retreat to Feehan in the 1970s, a tradition that continues today as a special part of the Feehan experience.  
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Each year at Bishop Feehan High School’s Setting Our Hearts Gala, the school will honor a long-time Catholic education champion or servant as a:

Patricia M Harrington, RSM

Hero of Catholic Education

Honorees will represent the core values of faith, love, and family that Sister Pat lived and modeled daily.  Exceptional long-term commitment or contributions to Catholic schools and our church, often with particular dedication to our Bishop Feehan community, will be cornerstones of each honoree’s story.  As she lived, Sister Pat reminded us all what it means to be a true and faithful servant.  Through this award, we will be reminded each year of the power of stewards of Catholic education to make a remarkable difference in the lives of many.

Hero of Catholic Education

Past Recipients:
2017 - Patricia M. Harrington, RSM (posthumously)
2018 - Rev. Brian J. Shanley O.P.
2019 - Christopher E. Servant '66
2020 - Rev. David A. Costa
2021 - Dr. Therese Antone, RSM
2022 - Martha Mulligan, RSM & Denise Peixoto