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List of Current Named Scholarships

Feehan is proud to honor the legacy of Feehan students, parents, graduates and families through our named scholarships.
Additional donations are always welcome to any of these already-established funds that are managed by Feehan. All donations will be acknowledged to the appropriate families, and all will help us in our work to help the next generation of the Feehan Family.
Endowed Scholarships
The Ross Adams ’92 Scholarship was established by Mr. Adams' loving family and friends to honor his memory after his passing in a car accident in 2004. Ross enjoyed his experience at Feehan and particularly thrived on the soccer field, where he received tremendous support from family and friends.
The ​Rick Beach '79 Family Scholarships were established by Mr. Beach, a proud alum and generous benefactor of Bishop Feehan. Not only does Mr. Beach support several annual scholarships, his impact can be seen in the name of Beach Field, where the Shamrocks play baseball, soccer and field hockey..

The Margaret Boisclair Scholarships were established by Ms. Boisclair’s nephew, Peter Rollins ’72, to show his gratitude for her financing his Feehan education. As a longtime nurse at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Ms. Boisclair demonstrated her commitment to service and helping others on a daily basis. She understood the importance of a Feehan education and would be proud to know her legacy lives on.

The Reid Braga Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Braga, who died in 2002. Mr. Braga was Feehan’s head hockey coach for 15 seasons and established a great tradition of winning and high character on the ice. His team won the 1987 state championship, and he was named one of Feehan’s Honorary Alumni in 1999. His three sons are Feehan graduates.

The James Stephen Brennan Scholarship was established by family and friends of Mr. James “Jim” Brennan. Known for his deep faith, devotion to family and wonderful sense of humor, Mr. Brennan was a cherished friend of Bishop Feehan High School for decades. As his grandson, Fernando James Martinez, said in a eulogy, Mr. Brennan infused the teachings of Jesus each day into his relationships, his work, and his community service. He always looked to help others and was, as St. Paul wrote in his Letter to James, a “doer of the Word.”

The Fredda Brandley Memorial Scholarship was established by the Brandley family and Bishop Feehan High School in memory of Mrs. Brandley, who taught Chemistry and Biology at the school in the 1980s and 1990s. Her love for our school was evident both in her dedication to her work and her four children and three step-children, all of whom are Feehan alumni.

The Joan Casey Scholarship was established by the family and friends of the late Mrs. Casey, a Feehan faculty member in the 1970s and a longtime friend of the school. It is awarded to a rising senior who shows a passion for and excellence in the humanities.

The Cherry Family Scholarships were established by Joseph and Melanie Cherry as a constant reminder to their sons, Jonathan ’91, Jason ’94 and Ryan ’96, of the importance of giving back to a school that gave them so much. All three boys immersed themselves in the Feehan experience and participated in multiple extracurricular activities on campus.

The Chiarenza Family Scholarships were established by Dr. John and Mrs. Marie Chiarenza, whose three children - daughters Michele Anderson '77 and Jeanne Belgau '78 and son John Chiarenza '80 - graduated from Bishop Feehan. The couple hoped to help students attend Feehan for decades to come.

The Cibotti-Kraus '80 Scholarship was established by a family who wants to help deserving students attend Feehan, particularly young people from Walpole. Eric and Christine (Cibotti) Kraus ’80 are loyal supporters of Feehan, and their son, Tim, graduated in 2012. The scholarship is awarded to students who are involved in extracurricular activities and maintain good academic and citizenship standing.

The Class of 1966 Scholarship was created by Feehan’s second graduating class at their 50th reunion in 2016. This scholarship is given in honor of the deceased members of the class, as well as members of this class who have taught, coached, and worked at Feehan.

The Andrew Corsini Jr. '78 Memorial Scholarship was established by his parents, Andrew Sr. and Yvonne Corsini, after Andrew Jr. was killed in a 2009 motorcycle accident. Andrew Jr. played four different sports during his time at Feehan and had three brothers and a niece who also graduated from the school.

The AnneMarie Dagesse '98 Scholarship was established by her parents, Bob and Linda Dagesse, after Ms. Dagesse died of leukemia just days before the start of her senior year at Feehan. Her fight against the disease clearly inspired others in the Feehan community to live life more fully. Ms. Dagesse had a brother, a sister, and two cousins who also graduated from Feehan.

The Rena Dionisio '93 Scholarship was established by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dionisio in Ms. Dionisio’s memory. Ms. Dionisio was struck and killed by an automobile while performing a good Samaritan deed. She made giving to others a top priority in her life, and her time at Feehan helped her discover a passion for a medical career, which she had hoped to pursue after college.

The Doran Family Scholarship was established by Dave '70 and Anne Doran in order to help Feehan continue to serve students of all backgrounds. Mr. and Mrs. Doran are long-time, generous Feehan benefactors - the Doran Arts Center on campus bears the family name - and they are parents of Feehan graduates. Mr. Doran is a former Feehan teacher and a recipient of Feehan's Distinguished Alumni award.

The James Ferrara '65 Scholarship was established by family and friends after James' death from cancer in 1999. One of the star athletes in Feehan's first graduating class, he was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award in 1987 and inducted into the school's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998. James' daughter, Dacia McQuade '91, also is a Feehan graduate.

The Lucille M. and Frederick L. Fortin Scholarship was established by the Fortins’ four children in gratitude for their Feehan experience. Suzanne ‘67, Denise ‘71, Donald ‘75, and Gerald ’78 all have lives and careers that center around caring for others. The scholarship is awarded to students who have an enthusiasm for Feehan.

The Jean Franklin Memorial Scholarships were established by her husband, Milton Franklin, a longtime Feehan swim coach. The Franklins were married for 42 years and spent all of them in the Attleboro area. Although they had no children, they enjoyed their time around Feehan students, and Mr. Franklin wanted to help future students as a lasting tribute to his wife.

The Christopher Galler '89 Memorial Scholarship was established by Mr. Galler’s' family to perpetuate his memory. Mr. Galler was a brilliant, funny and compassionate student, and he carried those same qualities into adulthood. After graduating from Georgetown University in 1994, he returned to the area and developed a passion for helping the less fortunate in Boston.

The Justin Giammarco Scholarship was established by Justin's parents, Michael and Amy, after Justin died as an infant. Mr. and Mrs. Giammarco hoped the scholarship would help keep alive Justin's memory. Mr. Giammarco taught Math and Social Studies at Feehan in the 2000s, and he helped start Feehan's fencing club, now one of the school's most popular after-school activities.

The Grenier Family Scholarships were established by family members to honor the legacy of Mr. Aime Joseph Grenier, Mrs. Jane Carol Grenier, and their son, James Thomas Grenier '69. By providing financial assistance to a student in need, the family hopes to pass on its strong Catholic faith, love of learning, and above all, to inspire compassion for others.

The Joseph Grugnale ’77 Scholarship was established by Mr. Grugnale’s parents to honor their son’s pride in Feehan and zest for life. One of the most memorable members of his graduating class, Mr. Grugnale played three sports at Feehan. He possessed a remarkable passion for automobiles, best exemplified when he purchased and rebuilt a Chevrolet Belair during his junior and senior years.

The Sr. Mary Faith Harding, RSM Scholarship was established in her honor by Sr. Faith's friends and fellow Sisters of Mercy. Sr. Faith taught English and worked in Feehan's library before becoming principal in 1973. She led the school for the next 18 years and is credited as one of the most influential people in school history. Sr. Faith is an Honorary Feehan Alumna and a member of the school's Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Healey Family Scholarship was established by the 10 Healey children to honor their parents, Dr. Paul and Mrs. Nancy Healey, and their dedication to Catholic education. Eight Healey children graduated from Bishop Feehan between 1978 and 1992.

The Steve Hudson '84 Scholarship was established by his classmate, Kristen Felici Mattiace '84, after Mr. Hudson was killed in an automobile accident. Mr. Hudson displayed an obvious passion for Feehan and was one of the most popular students in his class. He started on the football team, served on student council, and was an enthusiastic student leader.

​The William Hyland Scholarships were established in honor of Mr. Hyland, a parent of two Bishop Feehan graduates and an avid Feehan fan and supporter during his sons' days on Holcott Drive. The Hyland family also has been a generous supporter of Feehan's McGrath field renovations.

The Larsan Korvili ’11 Scholarship was established by family, classmates and friends in honor of this dedicated student athlete. Mr. Korvili will be remembered for sharing his faith outwardly with his favorite Bible passage, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

The Lee Family Scholarship was established in 2003 by John Lee Sr. and Muriel Lee in memory of their son John P. Lee Jr. ’66. A member of Feehan’s second graduating class, John Jr. participated in the school’s fledgling choral and drama programs. Seven of his brothers and sisters also graduated from the school.

The Legacy of Mercy Scholarship was established in 2008 by friends and family of Sr. Patricia M. Harrington, RSM during her Golden Jubilee Year as a Sister of Mercy. Sr. Pat is perhaps Feehan's most beloved faculty member, a friend and mentor for thousands of students and alumni. The school's Admissions and Welcome Center, and the Hero of Catholic Education Award presented at Feehan's annual Gala, are also named for her.

The Michael W. Lewis Scholarship was established by Mr. Lewis to support his grandchildren during their time at Feehan. The award continues to support Feehan students today. Mr. Lewis' son, daughter, and three grandchildren attended Feehan, and he also supported the school with significant financial gifts in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Neil Loew Scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Loew, who served at Bishop Feehan as teacher, guidance counselor, guidance department chair, coach and ambassador of the Feehan spirit for 43 years until his retirement in 2011. Kindness, optimism, wit and consideration of others are the hallmarks of Mr. Loew's legacy on Holcott Drive.

The Jaime Macalone '95 Memorial Scholarship was established by the Macalone family after Ms.Macalone was killed in an automobile accident in 2000. Ms. Macalone's wonderful spirit was evident in her participation on the cheerleading and dance team and her work to organize Feehan's first AIDS Awareness Day. She attended college and worked as a paralegal near Boston.

The James and Margery Maher Scholarship was established in 1998 through the Maher's estate. The couple lived in the Attleboro area for many years, and they appreciated the achievement and character of the Feehan students they observed. The scholarship helps students continue to receive a high-quality Catholic education at Feehan.

The Francis and Margaret Martin Scholarship was established in 2000 through the Martin's estate. The couple lived in North Attleboro for several decades, were regular communicants at St. Mark's Parish in Attleboro Falls and ardently supported Catholic education. The scholarship is the Martins' lasting legacy to help students receive that education at Feehan.

The McCall Family Scholarship was established in 2009 by the McCall children - Tim ’69, Kathy ’73, and Susan ’75 - in memory of their parents, Robert and Anita. The couple had a deep love for the Catholic Church, and Mrs. McCall was a daily Mass communicant who was involved in many social activities in her parish. The scholarship is their legacy to help students receive the Feehan Catholic education that the McCall family cherished.

The Keith A. McClanan Scholarship was established by his family after his death in 2007, as his son Noah McClanan ’12 was preparing to begin as a Feehan student. Mr. McClanan was active in his community of North Attleboro as a volunteer at the Hockomock Area YMCA. After living in Australia and Singapore during his childhood, he had a lifelong love of international travel.

The Henry C. Messier Scholarship was created by friends and family of Mr. Messier, who sent his four children to Feehan; Charles ’67, Elise ’68, Suzette ’71 and Celeste ’75. Mr. Messier's passion was assisting others in a quiet, unassuming way, and the scholarship seeks to support students who show similar dedication and leadership qualities.

The Paul O'Boy Scholarship was established by friends of Mr. O'Boy, who served the Feehan community for 52 years as a teacher, football coach, vice principal and athletic director. His legacy of service is unparalleled at Feehan and in Massachusetts high school athletics. A positive guiding influence for thousands of Feehan students since the 1960s, Mr. O'Boy retired in 2017. He remains active in the school’s athletic program and greater community.

The William J. Papp Sr. Scholarship was established in 1999 by William Papp Jr. ’81 and James Papp ’85 in loving memory of their father. Both Bill and Jim Papp were active in football and hockey at Feehan, and Mr. Papp Sr. supported those sports. Above all he appreciated the complete, Catholic education his sons received at Feehan. This scholarship aims to allow more students to experience that education.

The Coach Fred Pardey Scholarship was established by friends of Feehan who were mentored and positively influenced by Coach Pardey, including many of his former Shamrock student-athletes and their families. The scholarship seeks to recognize a student who demonstrates the qualities Coach Pardey exemplified in life - integrity, hard work, and the Feehan core value of mercy. The recipient also should be a student who constantly strives to improve, even against adverse circumstances.

The Sarah Pellon Scholarship was established by Christian Pellon after his daughter’s death in a 2002 automobile accident. Ms. Pellon, who was a rising junior at Feehan at the time of the accident, excelled in French, played on the tennis team and was a talented artist. Most of all, she loved her time at Feehan, wearing a big smile nearly every day. The scholarship is awarded to students with a wide range of interests and an enthusiasm for Feehan.

The Fred M. Roddy Scholarship was established by the Roddy Foundation in 2001. Mr. Roddy was an engineer who discovered a machine for handling plastic and later moved his business to Attleboro. His foundation has provided millions of dollars in scholarships at dozens of high schools, colleges and universities, with a special emphasis on schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Priscilla H. Servant Scholarship was established by her children Gregory '65, Christopher '66, and Sue '68, to honor their mother, who demonstrated courage and strength raising her three young children after the death of her husband. Christopher Servant served the school for more than four decades and served as its first President.

The Sibilia Family Scholarship was established by the family in honor of Dr. Philip and Mrs. Pauline Sibilia, whose 12 children all graduated from Feehan between 1972 and 1990. Five grandchildren also are Feehan alumni. The couple was married for 58 years, and the family has been an ardent supporter of local Catholic education for more than five decades.

The Steven H. Steiner Memorial Scholarship was established in 2010 by Mr. Steiner’s family and friends. Mr. Steiner cherished spending time with his family, including his four daughters, who are Bishop Feehan graduates. He also was a successful professional and community leader. He had a positive attitude, strong values, and he led by example.

The Sullivan Family Scholarship was established by Tim & Ellen (Healey) Sullivan '87-'87, to celebrate all that Feehan has meant to the Sullivans (Jeremiah '17, Luke '18, Ryan '21, Molly '24) and the extended Sullivan and Healey clans. It honors Feehan's long-standing commitment to remaining accessible and welcoming to all those the school was built to serve.

The George Tedino Scholarship was established in 2001 by Mr. Tedino's family after his sudden death at age 49. Mr. Tedino's life was marked by a love of family, community, and sports, and his decades of coaching helped him become a mentor to thousands of young people in the Providence and Attleboro areas.

The Tondreault Family Scholarships were established by Ronald Tondreault '67 and his family in memory of Mr. Tondreault’s parents, J.E. Roland and Lorraine Tondreault. Mr. Tondreault and the entire Tondreault family have been tireless supporters of Feehan and especially generous supporters for several decades of students and families who need tuition assistance.

The Walsh Family Scholarships were established by Mr. Bill Walsh to ensure that Feehan students in future generations have the same opportunities his children and grandchildren have had during their time as Feehan students. Mr. Walsh was a long-time, generous benefactor to Feehan in many ways, including his support for what is now Walsh Field on our campus.

The Sister Ricarda Wobby Scholarship was established by her family and fellow Sisters of Mercy after her death in 1998. Sr. Ricarda served on the Feehan staff from September 1976 to June 1991 as a teacher and Feehan’s first Advancement Director. She was known for her enthusiasm, concern for others and willingness to give service beyond self.

The Mary Ann Zern Scholarship was established by Mrs. Zern’s daughters, all Feehan alums, to honor their mother's life and faith. Mrs. Zern entered the convent in the Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1956 and later entered the public sector in 1964. She was an active member of St. John the Evangelist Church in Attleboro.

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