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Daring to Believe Capital Campaign

Our Legacy. Our Moment.

Today Feehan stands as a shining beacon to what a Catholic high school can be: Mission-focused. Faithful. Rigorous. Fully enrolled. Excellent. Mercy-filled. Economically sound. Aspirational. While far from perfect, Feehan is viewed as an example of strength and stability with a far-flung but close-knit community that stands with the school proudly. 

A fully-enrolled Catholic high school excelling in sanctity, scholarship and sportsmanship — like Feehan — is truly the exception to the rule these days. Moreover, there is a clear pattern among those schools that are able to make their success permanent, their futures secure, and that pattern always centers on a broad community that passionately believes in and invests in those schools. 

Identified through a comprehensive strategic planning process, this campaign for Bishop Feehan itemizes Feehan’s key challenges and opportunities and presents a plan for solving them. We are ready to do the work to make that preferred future happen.

This is our moment. These are our challenges.  And like those who came before us, we must take them on with faith and confidence.  We Dare to Believe this is possible even when recent trends try to tell us otherwise. We have a collective responsibility to do our part to ensure that this special place, this vital mission, endures.

The Campaign reminds us that Feehan’s future is in our hands.  Feehan has been boldly optimistic for decades, and we must remain so.  We believe in a unique Feehan, a thriving Feehan, and a Feehan that stays true to its roots while ever-reaching to excel.

We Dare to Believe that:

  • Leading with Faith and Values is still the Way. Even when modern society tries to tell our young people otherwise.
  • Excellence is still an Expectation. In our faculty, our students, our facilities and our program of studies and activities.
  • Mercy and Excellence can co-exist. A humble spirit of service can remain central while Feehan moves boldly forward.   
  • Our graduates will change the world. Leaders with a foundation in faith and mercy are exactly what is needed today. 


But we also know that those beliefs are only sustainable with an entire Feehan community committing to making them so. We humbly acknowledge the generosity and commitment of past generations that paved the way for the Feehan of today.  

The mission matters deeply: our future is served only if our school and schools like ours continue to develop leaders of faith and character.  

We Dare to Believe

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Elements of a Campaign

For more information, contact Michael Dibbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at [email protected] or 508-226-7411, ext. 158.