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Our Story

In September of 1961, a class of 186 freshmen took their seats at a brand new Bishop Feehan High School in a building that was not completely finished, next to a new Interstate highway that was not yet paved, and surrounded by dirt piles and forests as opposed to fields and courts and stadiums.  



But those 186 freshmen also sat in front of six Sisters of Mercy who — despite the hardships — had no doubt about their mission and the importance of this new school for the Attleboro area.  And they sat in a building that was willed into existence by local families who believed deeply that a Catholic high school in Attleboro would change lives. 


The immense faith and dedication and sacrifice of those Sisters and those families drove Bishop Feehan from fledgling to firmly established. More than 11,000 graduates have followed those 186 freshmen through these halls at a Feehan that has grown roots and flourished. Our Feehan community has “set our hearts on things above” for nearly 60 years now, and our graduates criss-cross the world as leaders of faith and character for their families, their communities, their professions and our Church.