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Know - Curriculum & Retreats

A retreat is intentional time spent away from one's normal life for the purpose of reconnecting with God. Retreats can be powerful ways in which students come to know God through prayer and worship, talks, activities and the community.
Mandatory retreat day for each class: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior.
The Freshman Retreat theme is community and culture.
Students will hear from faculty members, work in small groups and get to know their classmates.
The day ends with a teaching Mass, whereby our Chaplain explains the importance of gathering as a community to worship and receive the Eucharist. Campus Ministry Senior Associates lead the small group discussions.
The Sophomore Retreat theme is service.
Students will hear from speakers about the relationships built through serving others and the transformative power of service.
Campus Ministry Senior Associates lead small group discussions. The day ends with the class worshiping as a community at Mass.
The Junior Retreat theme is to understand one’s own spirituality.
The students will be offered a series of mini-retreat experiences during their study periods during the school day. (examples; Lectio Divina, Prayer and Medication, Chrsitian Leadership, Christ in Pop Culture, Prayer Journaling, Rosary Walk).
They must attend one session each semester and a written reflection to be handed in for a theology grade in the last quarter of the school year.
The Senior Retreat is held at LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro, MA and the theme is navigating change through the lens of faith.
The students will hear from a variety of speakers and Alumni on the past (a look to their years at Feehan) present (where they are now in their lives - making decisions) and future (where they are going) of the role of faith in their lives.
Faculty and staff also attend their own retreat day annually, usually during the Spring Semester.