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Pray - Pastoral Presence

"Put your whole confidence in God. He never will let you want necessaries for yourself."

Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Religious Sisters of Mercy
Prayer is an integral part of the student experience at Bishop Feehan High School. Each day begins and ends in prayer. Morning Prayer is reflective of the liturgical season or special events planned throughout the school year and includes the Morning Consecration (see below). Each day ends in prayer, Catherine McAuley’s Suscipe (see below). Also, individual classes commence with prayer each day.
Campus Ministry invites students to hear the voice of God through our individual and communal prayer through a variety of prayer experiences such as meditative prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in the Chapel, individual prayer with students and reconciliation offered by our Chaplain.
Students are encouraged to add their prayer intentions to the intentions book outside of the chapel.
As a cohesive faith community, we invite students of all faith traditions in prayer!
As Bishop Feehan is dedicated to care of the whole person, the Campus Ministry Office is one of the many support systems available for the community. Pastoral counseling provided for community members in need of support during times of challenge, illness and grief. Often, this is done in tandem with other support systems (such as the Guidance Dept., Nurse, etc.).
Prayer of Mother Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy
O Compassionate Jesus
look on me today
with tenderness
and give me the grace
to walk
on the path of mercy
marked out for those
who follow you.
May all I do today
reflect your merciful love.
My God, I am yours today and all the days of my life.
Help me to trust completely in your loving care and tender mercy.
May I realize that whatever happens this day. . .
we will do it together.
Please take away any fears, anxieties, or hurts that I might experience.
And may I always be aware of your gift of hope delighting my heart . . .
and entire being.
I pray all this, my God and my all - until that great day
we meet face to face . . . forevermore.