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Tuition and Fees

Bishop Feehan High School has set tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year at $14,550.
We are very proud to continue a tradition of tuition that is markedly below the tuition of local peer institutions. Our goal is to remain accessible — through tuition management and financial aid — to as many families who desire a values-based, Catholic, highly-competitive, college-preparatory education as we possibly can.
The tuition process at Feehan:
Tuition is managed through an online system called FACTS, which is accessible through our BFHS website. All parents must register for a free FACTS account to manage tuition and financial aid. Tuition can be paid in advance, or in 11 monthly payments.
Monthly payments can be scheduled to post early each month (the 5th of the month) or later in the month (the 20th of the month) at parent's discretion.
Each year, the first $500 of a returning student’s tuition is considered a re-registration fee, and that registration fee is non-refundable. It is included in the tuition at the May re-enrollment and does not need to be paid separately. Incoming freshman students and transfer students pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 when accepting their offer of enrollment. $325 of that deposit is a registration fee with the remaining $175 applied to the first year’s tuition.
Seniors will also see a $425 "senior events" charge on their FACTS accounts, which is a simpler way to collect what used to be a series of individual payments. This senior charge includes all senior week activities from the Yearbook to the Boston Harbor cruise and the senior picnic and more.
View Feehan's full Tuition Policy here: