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Open House

At Bishop Feehan High School we believe that great things are always within reach.


We invite you to be bold with us, to believe in yourself and to reach higher than you ever thought possible. 


Open House 2023 was held on October 15th.


If you couldn't attend open house, please watch our admissions video, visit Feehan for a campus tour and/or join us for a shadow visit.

Jump to specific highlights of Open House 2023

  • 0-1:06 Hype Video
  • 1:06-2:33 Andrew DeGuzman and Band
  • 3:32-5:52 Andrew DeGuzman '24 Opening Remarks
  • 5:55-9:30 Father Healy Remarks and Prayer
  • 10:17-18:05 Randen May '25 Remarks
  • 18:47-20:44 Jazz Choir Performance Suscipe Prayer
  • 21:56-33:52 Principal Kane Remarks
  • 34:32-43:50 President Sullivan Remarks
  • 43:50-44:32 Admissions Director Mrs. Romano Remarks