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Ignite, Support & Empower

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Bishop Feehan is proud to launch our Ignite, Support & Empower (ISE) initiative, welcoming and serving a new generation, an even more diverse generation, of students to our mercy-filled community.


What is it?   

Through the generosity of Feehan supporters with a strong desire to see Feehan’s diversity efforts succeed, Feehan has launched a recruiting and support initiative focused on students of color and their families. The end goal is to make Feehan a terrific, supportive home and the preferred high choice for local students of color  who desire a faith-filled, college-prep, Feehan education.  


The below describes our ISE initiative for launch (November 2021), and we hope to add more elements to the program over time and with continued experience.



Feehan will proactively reach out to diverse networks within our local parishes, alumni, churches and wider community to share our goals and vision. Our admissions process will include custom networking and listening sessions specifically for interested families of diverse backgrounds. Dual-language admissions supports will be created and publicized.


Additionally – with support of donors – Feehan has created 10 “Ignite” scholarships specifically for incoming students of color. Our commitment to increasing diversity is real, and these scholarships are the start of a major new effort on this front at Feehan. Ranging in value from full-tuition scholarships to significant financial aid awards, these funds will ensure that qualified students of color will not be turned away due to family financial resources. 


The school will strategically identify and recruit prospective students for this initiative in our admissions process, but we also welcome direct inquiries. Please contact our Admissions Office at [email protected] if you would like to learn more about accessing these scholarships.



Upon enrollment, our Ignite, Support & Empower students will have access to custom supports meant to enable a terrific, full Feehan experience for all. Supports will include:

  • A dedicated Ignite, Support & Empower coordinator outside of our guidance department will regularly check-in and support students through their Feehan journey. 

  • Guidance support (our academic counselors partnering with our ISE coordinator and parents) for a right-fit transition into and path through Feehan’s academic offerings. 

  • Listening & Leadership Sessions each semester for ISE students with Feehan President and Principal, focused on program progress, Feehan experience and leadership development.


After we’ve begun to help create a more diverse and effectively supportive community at Feehan, final success for our Ignite, Support & Empower students  will be them soaring beyond our walls with a mercy spirit and Feehan pride. Accordingly, we are developing custom college-prep opportunities for students and families who could use additional supports for this complex process. This is under development but at a minimum will include:

  • Ignite, Support & Empower custom family meetings before the college application process formally kicks off in junior year. Bilingual support will be available as necessary

  • Dedicated connections and potentially campus visits for our Ignite, Support & Empower students with select colleges and universities, schools that themselves have programs dedicated to identifying and serving traditionally under-served populations. 

  • Dedicated efforts – where needed – to connect our ISE students and families with MEFA and similar general and targeted college financial aid and scholarship resources.

Importantly, all of our support and empower opportunities will be available to all of our students of color, not just those who have received Ignite scholarship support. Of course, accessing all or any of these supports will be a student’s (family’s’) choice. None will be required.


Are You Ready for Ignite, Support & Empower?

We’d love to hear from you right away! Yes, you can and will apply through our standard admissions process, but if you think you or your son or daughter is a great candidate for Ignite, Support & Empower, please also reach out to us directly, so we can answer all questions and walk you through our process and our scholarship opportunities. In select cases - for most talented applicants with a strong desire to take advantage of all Feehan has to offer – we will award admission and scholarships even ahead of our standard schedule. 


Get connected now by reaching out to [email protected].

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